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Our Projects Project "Water for Kappa" Water is running now

Water is running now

In January 2012, a group from our foundation were on the ground in Kappa and had brought with our container the required chain link fence, guy wires, a welder and various accessories. The fence is necessary because many of the previously cultivated plants here were eaten by the free-ranging animals. Our "builders for fences" then showed selected villagers how to build a stable fence, i.e. they have collaborated on the first 100m fence length, the remaining 300m to complete the entire circumference site have then done the people from the village itself ready. Meanwhile, they pass on their acquired knowledge further on to neighboring villages, another success of our motto "helping people to help themselves".

wasser kappa


It was quickly shown that this site may not be well watered from the hand pump which was several hundred meters located in the village and a private well would be necessary on the grounds. This was demonstrated, in particular regarding the financial support, initial talks with a representative of the Ministry of Education, which represented a possible financial contribution in view. Apart from the actual well should then built across over the area small water reservoirs, which can then be filled out in a star shape from the well. From the reservoir water can then be drawn and distributed to the surrounding area. As far as the planning.
Back in Germany, we now set out to find sponsors for this project. For this purpose, we used all available modern platforms, as well as the best personal approach. Gradually we got so together the funds to go to the detailed planning and implementation of the well. October 2013 had come. We were there and were able to watch live as the fountain construction company has a well drilled to about 50 meters depth. Alone the supply conveyor and the setting up of the rig was a private experience.
Now it came to the execution of the planned irrigation system as a whole. The Ministry of Education funded all leads to be laid in the ground and the construction of 9 water reservoirs. During the execution of the well there were different views between those responsible in the village and us, and in particular the impact of the necessary funds
originated. For this task there were active call and e-mail exchanges between us, the village and the well construction company. Ultimately, however, we could then agree on a reasonable and efficient solution yet.
After all the financial requirements were known, we also looked very intense again for sponsors. Thankfully we got in the course of time all funds together. But due to the now occurred Ebola epidemic none of us traveled in 2014 for security to Westafrica, so that we and our well project could not pursue at this time. We stayed in touch and knew that at least the leads and the water reservoirs were completed in the meantime.
From Germany we were able to clarify the last details for the execution of the fountain with the contact persons in The Gambia, so that could be started prior with the construction to our arrival on April 15, 2015. At 18th of April then we went to the village of Kappa and could admire the finished fountain. On a steel framework tower is a 2,000-liter tank, a solar system is mounted, which provides the power for the pump located at the bottom. So the tank can always be filled and then the water will be routed through the land in the water reservoir. In a symbolic act then the faucet located on the tower was opened and "water is running now".

We would like to pass on to our sponsors the joy and exuberant thanks from the villagers, without their willingness to help this project would not have been possible.



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