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Back from Gambia

We, Renate Müller, Falko Steinhilber and Rainer Kopf were for a week in Gambia. As announced is a donated ambulance car on the way to West-Africa. We want to give it to the local hospital of the village Karang in Senegal.
 delegation senegal

People from Senegal

As it happens on projects in Africa, you can indeed plan much and exactly, the relevant conditions on the transport make sometimes a spanner in the works. The same is here. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the delivery is delayed by a few days. The container ship will be at 10.9. at the Port of Banjul. After hours of coordination meetings in Banjul with our partners from Senegal we assume, however, that the unloading of the goods and the transfer of the vehicle will be done then promptly. We will then report in detail on this and inform you on our next visit in Karang about the use of the vehicle.

Another focus of our mission points during the stay in the Gambia led us go back to the village Kappa. At the penultimate stay in January 2012 (as previously reported) we had the village brought a 400-meter chain-link fence including all necessary accessories (welding machine, Flex, generator, rods, tension wire). We have shown the inhabitants by way of example to the first 100 meters, like a fence is built, so that they could build the remaining 300m themself. This should be an bordered agricultural land to include here the Chiliplants for the later production of the popular chili paste.

gemueseplantage Farmland

We were very surprised when we were able to look at the result now. The entire area was fenced and professionally made entirely of agricultural land under cultivation. For the most part are here now, in addition to the chili plants, as well planted potatoes, peanut plants and various vegetables. The village now has the facilities, both the need for their own consumption but also to plant for sale on the market. This is for us a further and very good success of our activities in the context of helping people help themselves.

zaunbesichtigungFence Visitation 

Now, during the rainy season, the plants thrive. In a few weeks, however, with the onset of dry season again it will be difficult to provide more yields. Because of the 3-dug wells in the village, only a single pump works and it works even most of terrain distant wells. But the pumps installed in 1982 by a German company can probably be repaired again, but the financial resources to do so are not available in the village. Therefore, we decided spontaneously here our disposal donations to good use. In the next few days so the pumps are repaired and the future of the community in the upcoming dry season looks a bit friendlier.

We look forward when we will at the next visit feel the gratitude of the people. Therefore, we say thank you to all donors, especially on behalf of the people from the village of Kappa in Gambia.

wasserpumpe kappa Water Pump



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