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Aktuelles Fotos vom Food Processing Project 2016 in Gambia

Fotos vom Food Processing Project 2016 in Gambia

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Hier der Originaltext des Anschreibens von unserem Partner Kalipha Jobe:

JULY, 2016

The last meeting of the Board of Governors of the school was held on Saturday 14th May, 2016. Below is the Principla's report: ''Upon the recommendation of the Board of Governors, we started an Upper Basic Component with effect from September 2015. The new Grade seven (7) has a roll of 138 boys and 153 girls totaling to 291 students. In September 2016 we will have Grade 8 and Grade 9 in September 2017; that will complete the Upper Basic Component. Thus the school will have Grade 7 to 12. It will now be re-named as John Pickering Upper and Senior Secondary School.

The good performance of the school coupled with the subvension from the ministery of education resulted in a big scramble for space for admission into the school. During the first term of 2015/2016 academic year the school turned away over 800 students who could not be admitted for lack of space ie classrooms and furniture.

It could be recalled that our ''Stitchting Kalipha'' partners in the Netherland were in doubts as to wheather the school will have enough students from the locacity; now this year alone about 800 extra students could not be admitted. Thus the problem of intake for the school no louger exist.

The senior school has a roll of 357 boys and 360 girls totalling to 717 students. The total roll of the school is 1008 students ie to 495 boys and 513 girls.

There is enough space for expansion so the Board of Governors and the school administration are seeking for funding from benovalent individuals and organisations for more buildings and furniture.

Students continue to increase their performances in Arts and commerce disciplines. A lot of students have secured places in the Gambia College and The University of The Gambia following their excellents results in the last West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). The school obtained an overall ninty percent pass at the last WASSCE.


Diversitication of the country's agricultural have placed food processing in the centre stage. Our charity have successfully particapled in the FACE Project which is an EU climate change adaptation funded project and CILIP Project (Community Infracture And Livelyhood Initiative Project). The later aims at enhancing livelyhood training activities.

In addition to building the capacity of our member, we also trained a total of 600 women in food processing in twelve schools and communities

At the moment our charity is requesting for support from FASDEP (Food And Agriculture section Development Project) Matching Grant, in the Ministry Of Agriculture. To qualify for the grant we have registered a business entity called ''Angela Horton Food Processing Services''. The project aims at supporting business development and growth.

Following our succesful completion of some national projects, our charity is on the verge of applying for a bigger project at the USADF (United state African Development Foundation).

We want to establish five community gardens each with a paultry and food processing scheme. The project is called ''Women Employment Project Through Horticulture, Food Processing And Paultry Keeping'' (WEP).

Lack of good vehicles is one of the biggest contraints of our charity. We always need a vehicle to reach the farmers at the farms, conduct training for rural women, meet sponsored children in their various schools, collect materials, transport our workes as well as take supplies to hotels, restaurants and supermarkets. We therefore need urgent assistance in the form vehicles from benovolent individuals and organisations like the Amsterdam-Banjul Challenge and similar associations. They could be used Field pick-up trucks, 4 by 4s or any suitable vehicles.


Our success in the training of different skills resulted in an increase in the number of students but this has come at a cost.

The new body responsible for skills training, NAQAA (National Quality Assurance Authority) recommended that inview of our number we must provide a kitchen and an extra two classrooms for IT and hairdressing to qualify for the accreditation for teaching the mentioned subjects.

We are therefore striving hard to meet their conditions. Indeed there will ever be obsticles but we shall never give up the struggle to help the needy ones!


Our three sponsorship groups namely, ''Help For West Africa'' from South Germany, Dr Angela Horton Group from England and ''Stichting Kalipha'' Foundation from the Netherlands continue to support many needy students

Many students who were supported by the scheme are now useful citizens of the Gambia. Infact Alieu M.L Janko, the young men in-charge of the sponsorship scheme was for many years supported by the scheme whilst he was going to school Alieu M.L Janko is also pursuing a teacher's certificate course at Gambia College. The sociology, spgchology and human development konwledge he will learn at the college will be very useful to him hence he deals with students and small children

The secretary at our foundation's office Miss Amie Njie was also supported by the scheme when she was going to school. She is presently employed by the charity as a secretary. She did her IT course at John Pickering Skills Training Centre in 2010.

Some sponsors from Germany provided a bag of rice for their sponsored children instead of their annual christmas gifts. We distributed over 250 bags of rice to needy children this school year. Most parents are low-income earners and the rice became a big relief for them. We wish to thank all the contributions.


To conclude this report we want to thank all those people in England, The Netherlands and South Germany who have contributed in one way or the other towards our success.

We thank and appreciate the hardwork of our foundation's staff. We solicited the continuing support of all our sponsors and well-wishers.

Thank you all!


Kalipha Jobe

Executive Director



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